We love unique products, and to do so, we have the best collaborators.

Since our beginnings, we have trusted many influencers in the beauty sector, to be able to create special products together, that represent the brand and, above all, that represent its own essence.

In this section you can find all our collaborations launched so far, and we hope that we can continue adding more successes soon.


If you are a real beauty lover, you are surely a fan of Ratolina.

It has undoubtedly been one of our star launches of 2023, and creating an eyeshadow palette with her is the dream of every makeup brand.

In the Livin' palette you can find Marta in all her splendor.


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Portuguese beauty content creator.

The INFLUENCE collection is created by two eyeshadow palettes and a face contour.

If you are a lover of neutral tones, we know that you are going to completely fall in love with this collection.

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Influencer and YouTuber. Alma has been dedicating herself to the world of social media for more than 9 years and now is one of the best-known influencers in Spain in the world of beauty.

If we had to define its essence in three words they would be: Joy, passion and creativity.

If we put all this together, the result cannot be other than the marvelous shadow palette that we have created together.

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Makeup artist and blogger, Miriam is also part of the Corazona team, so creating a makeup collection with her has been wonderful.

In this collection you can find the different products that we have been launching together, and we hope to continue growing the collection.


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Trihia, content creator and makeup artist. Our first collaboration, and therefore very special. In this collection Trihia has let her imagination fly to create a eyeshadow palette that is an explosion of color and a unique highlighter that was a best seller since the launching day. 

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