Alma Eyeshadow Palette - CorazonaBeauty
Alma Eyeshadow Palette - CorazonaBeauty
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Alma Eyeshadow Palette

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CORAZONA Alma eyeshadow palette created in collaboration with the makeup influencer ("Un café con Alma") @el_mundo_de_alma.

A very versatile and colorful palette, with combinable eyeshadows that are perfect for achieving any look, from the most original to the most natural for everyday use.

Watercolors, flowers, sea and beach... Alma's world represented through one of her passions, the makeup, and in the shape of a eyeshadow palette.

Would you like a coffee with Alma? Get this palette and let your imagination run wild!

In this Alma x CORAZONA palette you will find 18 eyeshadows, 18 pieces of Alma's life and soul, in matte, shimmer, metallic and creamy finishes.


A coffee with Alma with Alegría, a Caricia with Inocencia or The Sun from the Alhambra... For elegant, glam and natural looks.

A walk through the Bosque with Río (Alma's puppy), feeling Poderosa next to the Granada's Vega, uniting Pasión and Amor to create the most powerful looks.

And how can you forget about taking a Limonada with Alegría or with Río, enjoying the Pasión with Calma... for the most "papagayo looks", as Alma herself loves them.

All of the aforementioned, and many more shades, that will take your looks to another level.


Alma on the keyboard, friends:

To say that this is a dream come true is very typical but I am sure that if my dreams materialized they would do so in these colors.

This palette is a love letter to all versions of yourself: the version that make you feel powerful today, the one that watches a movie with friends, and the one that goes to a party. A job interview, a trip and the one who doesn't want to put on makeup today but ends up with a "papagayo look" in 4 colors... This palette is for all of us!

Tips? Eyeshadow primer, especially those with a creamy texture, and have fun! Makeup is a game and every day a new game.


Cruelty free.


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