Powder Highlighter

Liquid Highlighter


Draw the attention to your cheeks

Thanks to our blushes, with a silky and lightweight texture, your cheeks will not pass unnoticed. You can easily build them, in oder to sculpt your cheeks and give them a touch of colour to complete your look.



As a sun kiss

Give your cheeks a warm touch or create the perfect contour thanks to the silky powder texture and the easily buildable formula of our bronzers. Get a highly professional makeup result!



As an halo of light

You will shine bright like a star thanks to our highlighters. A fine, silky texture and a highly pigmented powder formula that you will barely notice on your skin, just a wonderful glow, as if lit from within.



They shine brighter than a star

Imagine a product that gathers all the daylight. That’s how our liquid highlighters are. With a silky and buildable formula that melts into the skin for a dewy and glowing effect in just one gesture.